Monday, January 13

Introduction - Diamond V
1:00pm – 1:45pm
Diamond V Next Generation Technology: Helping Cows Reach Their Potential Everyday - Tom Oelberg, Diamond V
1:45pm – 2:30pm
Impact of Diet on Rumen and Intestinal Health - Tanya Gressley, University of Delaware
2:30pm – 2:45pm
2:45pm – 3:30pm
Utilizing Heifer Weights in Rearing, and the Subsequent Effect on Lactation Performance - Todd Birkle, Diamond V
3:30pm – 4:15pm
Global Innovation in Animal Ag & What Consumer Demand Looks Like Across Animal Protein Groups - Steve Sands, Performance Food Group
4:15pm – 5:00pm
Panel Discussion - Moderated by Darin Henry, Diamond V
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Poster viewing and refreshments - Hosted by Diamond V

Tuesday, January 14

Session I: General Topics

8:15 am
8:20 am
Updates on Mineral and Vitamin Nutrition - Bill Weiss, THE Ohio State University
9:00 am
Use of Silage and Some New Approaches to Feed in Beef Operations - Galen Erickson, University of Nebraska
9:40 am
Oxidative Stress and Health Disorders in Periparturient Dairy Cows - Lorraine Sordillo, Michigan State University
10:20 am
Coffee Break I - Sponsored by: Central Life Sciences

Session II: Dairy Topics

10:40 am
Nutrition and management of the dairy calf to realize the growth and lactation potential - Bob James, GPS Dairy Consulting, Professor Emeritus - Virginia Tech Dairy Science Dept.
11:20 am
Balancing lactating cow diets for essential amino acids - Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech - Sponsored by Ajinomoto

Session II: Beef Topics

10:40 am
Managing invasive range plants in beef cattle grazing systems - K C Olson, Kansas State University
11:20 am
Creating rangeland resiliency for stable ecosystems and healthy ranches - Tip Hudson, Washington State University
12:20 am
Lunch - Poster competition results, Speaker Alan Sams, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University

Session III: Dairy Topics

1:00 pm
Challenges & opportunities in nutritional management of robotic milking herds - Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph
1:50 pm
The SAGA continues – searching for the source of gut-derived inflammation - Barry Bradford, Kansas State University

Session III: Beef Topics

1:00 pm
Management Considerations for Beef Cows with emphasis on offspring performance and cow nutrient requirements - Dave Bohnert, Oregon State University
1:50 pm
Feedlot trilogy: Grain processing, acidosis prevention, and liver abscess control strategies - James Drouillard, Kansas State University
2:50 pm
Coffee Break II - Sponsored by: JR Simplot

Session IV: General Topics

3:15 pm
Beef sustainability: Beyond the headlines and towards the facts - Sara Place, NCBA
4:00 pm
Adjourn - Carl Hunt, University of Idaho