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Pacific Northwest
Animal Nutrition Conference

January 16-17, 2018
Grove Hotel, Boise, Idaho

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Tuesday, January 16

1:00 pm
Welcome: This is DSM, and this is what we do! Kale Causemaker, DSM

Session 1: Vitamin Nutrition for the Transition Cow and Calf

Moderator – Kara Ortega, DSM
1:15 pm
B-Carotene for the Transition Cow and Calf: More Than Provitamin A - Dr. Mark Engstrom, DSM
2:00 pm
B-Carotene from a Dairyman’s Perspective - Doug Hubby, DSM

Session 2: New Frontiers in Vitamin D Nutrition

2:45 pm
Moderator – Ryan Barcellos
3:00 pm
Perspectives on Vitamin D and Human Nutrition, Michael McBurney, DSM
3:45 pm
25-OH-D3 in poultry nutrition: what we have learned from a scientific and practical perspective - Dr. Nelson Ward, DSM
4:30 pm
Skeletal health in the modern dairy cow: Is it a driver of metabolic health?, Dr. Joe McGrath, DSM
5:30 pm

Wednesday, January 17

7:00 am
Continental breakfast
8:15 am
Welcome and Introductions
8:30 am
Frank Mitloehner, University of California-Davis. Facts and fiction about livestock and climate change.
9:10 am
Jesse Goff, Iowa State University. An update on strategies to prevent hypocalcemia, not just milk fever, in transition cows.
9:50 am
10:20 am
Stephen LeBlanc, University of Guelph. Managing transition period health for reproduction.
11:00 am
Loraine Sordillo, Michigan State University. Lipid mediators and inflammatory disorders of dairy cows.
12:00 pm
Lunch. Results of the graduate student poster contest
1:30 pm
Wes Kezar, Pioneer DuPont. Corn silage, managing the manageable
2:10 pm
2:40 pm
Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University. Update on mineral and vitamin requirements for dairy cows.
3:20 pm
Mike Ballou, Texas Tech University. A systematic approach to improving transition success.

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