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2024 PNWANC Agenda -- Coming Soon!

2023 PNWANC Agenda

2023 PNWANC Speaker Profiles

Monday, January 16, 2023

Preconference sponsored by Zinpro

11:30 am
ARPAS PNW Chapter Annual Meeting and Luncheon – Graduate Students invited

Preconference Session
1:00 pm
The launch of Zinpro’s IsoFerm, an essential nutrient that improves fermentation by feeding the fiber-digesting bacteria in the rumen to naturally allow cows to be better cows
Jeff Weyers, PhD, dairy nutritionist – Zinpro Technical Services
1:25 pm
Zinpro: Challenging Trace Mineral Dogma
Chris Reinhardt, PhD, Feedlot Research Nutritionist – Zinpro Technical Services
1:50 pm
The chemistry of Zinpro. Why it matters
Peter Stark, PhD, medicinal chemistry – VP of Product Development at Zinpro
2:45 pm
3:00 pm
Trace mineral needs of modern beef and dairy cattle. 
Stephanie Hansen, PhD, professor, beef feedlot nutrition, Iowa State University
3:55 pm
Beef on dairy cross calves in the feedlot: what we have learned
Kip Lukasiewicz, DVM, feedlot consulting veterinarian, Production Animal Consultation

5:00 pm
Reception | Poster viewing and refreshments – Hosted by Zinpro

6:00 pm
ARPAS Exam Session
Sign up to take the certification exam at 2023 PNWANC.
For more information about ARPAS,

All successful certification and licensing programs are targeted to serve and protect the public’s interest. More government regulations and controls require that practicing professionals establish accountability by means of registry and certification programs. In today’s business climate, producer and industry clients want assurance that they are getting advice from certified professionals who stay on the cutting edge. By completing the requirements for registration, maintaining your continuing education units, and adhering to the code of ethics, ARPAS registration provides you with a new level of recognition to help you distinguish yourself to your clients as a Professional Animal Scientist. 


Tuesday, January 17, 2023


7:00 am
Continental Breakfast

Morning General Session
8:15 am
8:20 am
Labor issues in animal agriculture
Corey Geiger, Hoard's Dairyman
9:00 am
Understanding the host-microbiome interactions in dairy calves: intervention opportunities to improve calf performance
Leluo Guan, PhD, University of Alberta
9:40 am
Transforming livestock grazing with virtual fencing
Karen Launchbaugh, PhD, University of Idaho

10:20 am
Morning Coffee Break | Sponsored by Simplot Western Stockmen's

Morning Breakouts
10:45 am
A look at late-gestation and early-postpartum developmental programming in beef cattle
Katie Wood, PhD, University of Guelph
11:25 am
Animal agriculture and alternative meats: learning from past science communication failures
Alison Van Eenennaam, PhD, University of California-Davis
10:45 am
Tackling a burning question: Does wildfire smoke inhalation impact cow and calf health and performance?
Amy Skibiel, PhD, University of Idaho
11:25 am
What really is the role of nutrition in lameness?
Gerard Cramer, DVM, DVSC, University of Minnesota

12:05 pm
Lunch | Poster Competition Results

1:20 pm
Afternoon Breakouts
1:20 pm
Forage cover crops and their potential benefits and unknowns to western cattle operations
Jillian Bainard, PhD, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
2:00 pm
Ecological costs of the status quo on grazing the intermountain west
Barry Perryman, PhD, University of Nevada-Reno
1:20 pm
Dietary mineral and vitamin supplementation of dairy cows to meet requirements under different conditions
Bill Weiss, PhD, PAS, Dpl. ACAS, Ohio State University
2:00 pm
NASEM 2021 – Carbohydrates
Mary Beth Hall, PhD, USDA

2:40 pm
Afternoon Coffee Break | Sponsored by [TBD]

Afternoon General Session
3:15 pm
Mineral toxicoses most commonly encountered in cattle
Jeffery Hall, PhD, DVM, Huvepharma

4:00 pm
Conference adjourns


The 2023 PNWANC is approved for 10 ARPAS CEUs.