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Monday, January 15, 2024

Preconference sponsored by Novus

11:30 am
ARPAS PNW Chapter Annual Meeting and Luncheon – Graduate Students invited

1:00 pm

Novus Preconference: Intelligent Nutrition | Conserving Resources while Maximizing Production Efficiency


Hedging on feed products
Sara Dorland, MBA, Managing Partner at Ceres Dairy Risk Management

Minimizing shrink at feed centers for greater profitability
Michaela Braun, MS, Sr Liquid Systems and Sales Specialist at NOVUS

Increasing milk production and feed efficiency
Gerald Poppy, DVM, MBA, PhD, Consultant at DVM Dairy Business Consulting

Maximizing the value of the mineral in your feed program
Heather Tucker, PhD, Manager - Global Ruminant Technology Lead at NOVUS

The ration we create, the ration we make, and the ration the cows eat
Jim Spain, PhD, Professor, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and E-learning at University of Missouri-Columbia

5:00 pm

Reception | Poster viewing and refreshments – Hosted by Novus

6:00 pm
ARPAS Exam Session
Sign up to take the certification exam at 2024 PNWANC.
For more information about ARPAS, visit

All successful certification and licensing programs are targeted to serve and protect the public’s interest. More government regulations and controls require that practicing professionals establish accountability by means of registry and certification programs. In today’s business climate, producer and industry clients want assurance that they are getting advice from certified professionals who stay on the cutting edge. By completing the requirements for registration, maintaining your continuing education units, and adhering to the code of ethics, ARPAS registration provides you with a new level of recognition to help you distinguish yourself to your clients as a Professional Animal Scientist.


Tuesday, January 16, 2024


7:00 am
Continental Breakfast

Morning General Session
8:15 am
8:20 am
Building trust with consumers and society
Kim McConnell, Consultant at the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity
9:00 am
Transition cows' health-metabolic issues
Barry Bradford, PhD, Professor, C. E. Meadows Endowed Chair in Dairy Management and Nutrition at Michigan State University
9:40 am
Calf nutrition & health
Anne Laarman, PhD, PAS, Assistant Professor at University of Alberta

10:20 am
Morning Coffee Break

Morning Breakouts
10:45 am
Fescue toxicosis
Kyle McLeod, PhD, Associate Professor at University of Kentucky
11:25 am
Regenerative practices in beef productions
Jason Rowntree, PhD, C.S. Mott Professor of Sustainable Agriculture at Michigan State University
10:45 am
Economics of natural vs. cross-ventilated barns
Courtney Halbach, MBA, Outreach Specialist at The Dairyland Initiative, University of Wisconsin
11:25 am
Cow comfort during transition period
Juan Piñeiro, DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor and Extension Dairy Specialist at Texas A&M University

12:05 pm
Lunch | Poster Competition Results

Afternoon Breakouts
1:20 pm
Heifer Development
Twig Marston, PhD, Beef Nutritionist, Research & Field Technical at Hubbard Feeds
2:00 pm
Mycotoxins, types and treatments
Duarte Díaz, PhD, Associate Professor and Dairy Extension Specialist at University of Arizona
1:20 pm
Silage quality
Limin Kung, Jr., PhD, S. Hallock du Pont Professor-Emeritus at University of Delaware
2:00 pm
Improvements in balancing for energy for dairy cattle
Paul Kononoff, PhD, Professor and Dairy Extension Specialist at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2:40 pm
Afternoon Coffee Break

Afternoon General Session
3:15 pm
Strategies to reduce enteric methane
Joe McFadden, PhD, Associate Professor of Dairy Cattle Biology, Animal Science at Cornell University

4:00 pm
Conference adjourns


The 2024 PNWANC is approved for 10 ARPAS CEUs.